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Eligible Covered Person (”Covered Person”) – For purposes of this benefit, a Covered Person is an Employee who has met the Employer’s eligibility requirements and the Employee’s eligible covered spouse. The Employee’s eligible child(ren) are excluded from this definition.

Qualifying Examination – an exam/office visit that has been approved and paid under this plan.

One & Sun Benefit:

The One & Sun benefit provides each Covered Person with one free pair of non-prescription sunglasses. The benefit is provided to you every other year or every other benefit period (whichever comes later), after you have completed a qualifying eye examination and that exam has been processed, approved, and paid for under a plan that includes the One & Sun benefit.

The free sunglasses may only be selected from the eligible sunglasses provided under this plan. The sunglasses must be ordered via the designated website: www.oneandsun.com. The benefit includes shipping and handling fees for standard ground shipping. In the event you do not use the sunglass benefit during the eligible benefit period, you will be eligible to use the benefit during the next eligible benefit period, provided the benefit remains in force.


The One & Sun Benefit is limited to:

  • One pair of free non-prescription sunglasses per Covered Person every other year or every other benefit period, whichever comes later.
  • Redemption or claim of the benefit made within 90 days of receiving the redemption code by mail at the address we have on file.
  • Covered Persons continuously enrolled in this plan and during the alternating eligible benefit year or benefit period.
  • Redemption of the benefit through the designated website: www.oneandsun.com only.
  • The sunglasses that have been pre-selected for the plan and are available.


This Rider does not provide benefits for:

  • Children.
  • Eye exams that are denied (in whole or in part) under this plan.
  • Eye exams paid for by another plan or carrier.
  • Prescription or non-prescription lenses, fittings, or any other materials or services.
  • Claims made after the 90 days of you receiving the redemption code and corresponding instructions.
  • Redemption made outside of the designated website: www.oneandsun.com, unless an approved exception is made by us.
  • Any sunglasses not included in the plan.

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